Learn network automation through our intensive, hands-on, instructor-led training.

Course Duration Date Price
Network Automation /w Python - Fundamentals 2.5 days TBC £1,130/$1,469 Learn more
Network Automation /w Python - Bootcamp 4 days 12th-15th June £1,808/$2,260 Learn more
Config Management with Nornir, NAPALM & Jinja 1.5 days TBC £791/$1,017 Learn more
Network Analysis with Batfish 2 days TBC £900/$1,250 Learn more
Network Observability with SuzieQ 1 day TBC £452/$678 Learn more

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About Your Trainer

Rick Donato
Packet Coders Founder
Hi, my name is Rick Donato, Packet Coders founder and the host of the Packet Coders membership. Ever since I wrote my 1st Python script over 11 years ago, I've been hooked on network automation. Spending time automating networks for companies like Symantec, Rackspace, Nokia and Network To Code, I have extensive knowledge of the tools and techniques to ensure you are successful in your network automation learning journey.