Network Testing with Pytest

Pytest is the defacto open-source Python testing framework. Learn how to use Pytest to test your network, along with how to integrate Pytest with Scrapli, Batfish and Nornir/NAPALM.

By the end of this instructor-led session, you will be able to build tests using the Pytest framework, validate that the network is running as expected, and output your results as a HTML report.

In this live instructor-led session, you will learn,

Pytest Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Pytest.
  • How to install Pytest.
  • Pytest vs pyATS.
  • Network test design.
Getting Started
  • Creating and running tests.
  • Commandline options.
  • Yield fixtures.
  • Sharing fixtures.
  • Fixture scope.
  • Test Parametrization.
  • Fixture Parametrization.
  • pytest-html (HTML generation).
  • pytest-xdist (multicore processing).
  • Nornir.
  • Scrapli.
  • Batfish.

Further details:

  • Prerequisites: Basic Python and networking knowledge.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: £145 / $195
  • Dates/Times:
    • EU Session: 3rd May
    • US Session: 4th May
  • Delivery:
    • Remote instructor-led classes.
    • Each student will have their own pre-built lab environment.
    • Various exercises and challenges to work through.