Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Join our 5-week NetDevOps Bootcamp, carefully designed to lead you through the process of building a complete NetDevOps and CI/CD stack from scratch. This course goes beyond mere instruction, ensuring you fully grasp the technologies, workflows, and tools essential to succeed in network automation.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Model your network using a Source of Truth.
  • Generate configurations using Jinja templating.
  • Validate configuration inputs through schema validation.
  • Pre-test your configurations to identify potential issues before deployment to the network.
  • Automate the deployment of network configuration updates using a configuration management framework.
  • Test the network for issues after deploying updates.
  • Version control of your network configurations.
  • Establish review points for network updates to facilitate collaboration and business unit reviews before deploying changes.
  • Build automated workflows via CI/CD.
  • Retrieve data from the network for testing through CLI and REST APIs.
  • Leverage the NetBox GraphQL API to determine network intended state.

Tools/Technologies Covered

  • NetBox (SoT ; Source of Truth)
  • Batfish and Pytest (Pre-testing)
  • Cisco pyATS/Genie (Post-testing)
  • Jinja (Configuration templating)
  • JSON Schema (Schema validation)
  • RESTful and GraphQL based APIs (Data retrieval)
  • Ansible (Configuration management framework)
  • Git (Version control)
  • CI/CD (Automated workflows)


  • 5-week duration
  • One virtual instructor-led session per week
  • Lab workbooks (including exercises and challenges)
  • Support throughout the course (via office-hour sessions and Slack)
  • Upon successful completion of this programme, students will receive a certificate of completion.


Week 1 - Version Control and CI/CD

In the initial week of this Bootcamp programme, we will examine the critical role version control and CI/CD play in networking. Delve into the various elements of Git and CI/CD, utilizing them to construct the fundamental structure of a CI/CD workflow.

Week 2 - Network Modelling

In the 2nd week, we will model our network within a Source of Truth (NetBox). We will look at the various features NetBox provides. Then, populate an empty NetBox instance with our NetBox while working with the GraphQL API to pull data from the NetBox database.

Week 3 - Configuration Management (Part I)

In the 3rd week of this programme, we will start to work with Jinja templating and JSON Schema. To generate and build our network configurations from templates.

Week 4 - Configuration Management (Part II)

We will start working with Ansible as a configuration management framework and build playbooks to automate generating and backing up configurations by integrating Ansible with NetBox through plugins and the GraphQL API. We will also work on integrating these playbooks into our CI/CD workflow.

Week 5 - Testing

Within this final week, we will learn how to build Python scripts to test our generated configurations using network analysis modelling via Batfish. We will also test what we have deployed into the network using the Cisco pyATS testing framework. This will be integrated into our CI/CD workflow to provide an end 2 end NetDevOps process that will provide version-controlled, reviewed, and tested updates to the network through automation.

Further Details

  • Prerequisites:
    • Basic networking knowledge
    • Basic Python knowledge
  • Limited to 10 students
  • Price: £2995/$3850
  • Dates/times: November 8th, 2023
  • Contact us here should need further information

What Our Previous Students Say ...

"Packet Coders touched on many tools and provided a solid starting point for delving deeper into the tools addressed, as well as providing a good level of information to help in deciding which tools might be right for our environment."

"Truly top notch. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to better understand how to piece together this universe of automation tooling in a way they'll actually be able to use afterwards."
"This bootcamp provides you a complete picture of Network Automation coupled with the right tools and hands on experience. Kudos to the Packet Coders Team!"
"Fantastic course, with an excellent instructor who is a clear subject matter expert in the field of network automation."

"Fastest path to get from zero to hero in network automation!"
"Excellent training where you can interact and learn network automation."
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