You may (or may not) have seen the release of the Batfish 101 webinar yesterday. Where we covered:

✅ What is Batfish?
✅ What can Batfish do?
✅ How to setup Batfish
✅ Demo - Snapshots, panda DataFrames (TL;DR), along with how to analyse network config and control-plane state (OSPF/BGP).

Well, I just wanted to share the recording (see below) for any folks who may have missed the session.

Announcing our NEW Batfish Bootcamp

On top of this Packet Coders are excited to announce the release of our Batfish Bootcamp. Where we will cover everything from:
✅ L2/L3 forwarding analysis
✅ Validating ACL behaviour
✅ How to perform impact analysis
✅ Ansible Batfish
✅ CI integration + and a ton more...

Full details can be found below ...

Network Analysis with Batfish - 1.5 Day Bootcamp
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Our membership provides:
  • Full deep-dive course library (inc. Batfish, pyATS, Netmiko)
  • Code repositories inc. full course code, scripts and examples
  • 24x7 multi-vendor labs (Arista, Cisco, Juniper)
  • Private online community
  • Live monthly tech sessions
  • Access to tech session library

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