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There's lots going on in our membership, here are some of the latest updates:
๐Ÿš€ Now Available: Go Fundamentals Course. Link below!
๐Ÿš€ Now Available: Design Points for Successful Network Automation /w Dinesh Dutt (Part 1)
๐Ÿš€ Upcoming Nov: Applying SOLID Principles to Network Automation /w Gary Woodward
๐Ÿš€ Upcoming Dec: Design Points for Successful Network Automation /w Dinesh Dutt (Part 2).
๐Ÿš€ Upcoming Dec: Network Automation with GNMI course.

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Go Fundamentals for Network Automation
Get access to this course by joining our membership Join Membership โžœ Explore the unique strengths of Go for network automation and its advantages over languages like Python. This course lays the foundation for learning Go from scratch, equipping you with its key features to set you on the path tโ€ฆ

Community Posts

NetBox and Ansible Automation: How to Create Devices with Primary IPs
NetBox is a hugely popular open-source IP address management (IPAM) and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) tool. NetBox provides a range of automation features, one of which is the ability to update NetBox with Ansible using the Ansible NetBox collection. In this short post, weโ€™ll walk thโ€ฆ
Python vs Go for Network Automation
So, hereโ€™s the deal. Weโ€™re not here to throw stones at either Python or Go. Both of these languages are tremendous in their own right, especially when we talk about network automation. So next the question is: Should I use Python for Network Automation? or Should I use Go for
Whatโ€™s the difference: Black vs Ruff
For a good few years, Black has been the defacto Python formatter. With the recent release of a new tool called Ruff, which describes itself as: An extremely fast Python linter and code formatter ... This raises the question: What is the difference between Black and Ruff? First of all, for
Tech Bytes: Nokiaโ€™s ChatGPT App Lets Engineers Query The Network (Sponsored) - Packet Pushers
AI is making its way into network operations, and on todayโ€™s episode, sponsored by Nokia, we talk about how Nokia has developed a ChatGPT-based application that runs on its SR Linux network OS. Network engineers can use this app to query about network state, ask troubleshooting questions, check confโ€ฆ
Heavy Networking 706: The GitNops Approach To Collaborative Network Automation - Packet Pushers
Todayโ€™s Heavy Networking is about collaborative automation via GitNops, which applies DevOps principles to networking. That means things like version control, working with sources of truth, operating infrastructure as code, and collaborating on network on changes and updates. GitNops benefits includโ€ฆ
Interfaces Management with Ansible validated content using the network.interfaces collection
Learn about validated best practices for automating network interfaces using this new network interfaces validated content collection.

Opensource Projects & Releases

GitHub - PyCQA/pydocstyle: docstring style checker
docstring style checker. Contribute to PyCQA/pydocstyle development by creating an account on GitHub.
The Pydocstyle project is now officially deprecated, The Pydocstyle team states: "We highly recommend pydocstyle users to switch over to ruff".
containerlab - 0.47
Containerlab deploys docker based meshed lab topologies
Now supports remote deployment of labs directly from a GitHub repo.
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