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Features Include

All courses include hands-on examples and code repositories to help you master network automation.
Hands-on Labs
The best way to learn is by doing. All courses come with hands-on multi-vendor labs.
Community Support
Community-based learning provides you with the support and environment to help develop your skills as quickly as possible.
Course Library
Access to all of the courses from within our course library.
Monthly Tech Sessions
Monthly tech sessions, with demos and hands-on exercises on various network automation topics.
Tech Session Library
Access to all of the recordings from the previous tech sessions.

What Folks are Saying

Jochen Bartl
(Senior Network Specialist @ scanplus GmbH)

saves a lot of time ...

I joined Packet Coders after seeing the course offering for Batfish. The format of the courses resonated with me, because Rick gets you up to speed on a certain topic immediately. I like that the information is in a condensed form and knowledge is almost spoon-fed to you. This saves a lot of time when new and exciting tools constantly pop up on the internet. Another great benefit of Packet Coders is the human network and for learning from others in the community.
Ryan Bradshaw
(Senior Network Engineer @ Met. Police)

provides great content ...

I’ve been scripting and developing network automation tools for around 3 years now and I just wish this resource was available when I started. It covers current and upcoming automation tech set out in an easily digestible format. The monthly meet-ups are great, we get to discuss things we are working on, find out about automation news and Rick demos the things he is working on. Packetcoders provides great content and has a friendly community.
Darren Fulwell
(Network Automation Evangelist @ #init6)

learned a lot ...

Rick has been a major contributor to community efforts for some time! So when he started this was clearly a significant event - and it hasn't disappointed! The quality of the training material, also grounded in practical experience, is excellent and the courses are really rooted in the community, with active Slack channels and a great blog to support them. I've certainly learned a lot and it forms a significant part of my ongoing learning process.
John Howard
(Head of Network Infrastructure)

You won’t regret it ...

Automation has been part of my team’s activities for well over five years now, and I wanted to find a resource that didn’t just cater to the hello world, but also to the veteran coder. Packetcoders gives me a fresh perspective on beginner topics, and also dives deeper into the more advanced topics like development pipelines, custom parsers, and intent based networking. If you are looking for a place to go to get rich, well-structured content that helps you unlock the potential of automation in your network, join the community. You won’t regret it.
Danny Tomlinson
(Network Automation Engineer)

delighted ...

I am delighted with the content provided by Packet Coders. The course content is thorough with easily accessible labs. Whenever I have struggled technically, I leave a message on the Packet Coders Slack community and someone is able to help, this is further aided by Rick who will pitch in by talking through the problem until resolution. Ultimately, all the features that Packet Coders offer are a must for any new or seasoned network automation engineer.
Daniel Riviere
(Network Engineer)

by far, the best ...

I have taken several online network automation courses, but for me, Packet Coders is, by far, the best. In terms of platform, community and the quality of the content. Not only this but it allows me to practice as I learn through the labs and code examples. This is the only site that covers all of the latest network automation tools such as Nornir, Scrapli, pyATS, Netmiko, Batfish and Suzieq. The Slack community has been useful in terms of support and also as an additional learning channel. For example, seeing what other people are working on and the tools they are using. If you want to learn network automation then this is the place to be..

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