Network Testing with Pytest

About This Course

Learn how to test your network using the open-source tool - Pytest.

Pytest is the defacto open-source testing framework for Python. Therefore it is perfect for network testing, in terms of building structured tests and also integrating with tools such as Nornir, Scrapli, Batfish and Suzieq.

In this course, you will learn,

  • What is Pytest?
  • How to build your first test.
  • Test discovery.
  • The different command-line options.
  • Comparison of Pytest vs Unittest.
  • Pytest fixtures.
  • Pytest parametrization.
  • How to generate HTML reports using Pytest plugins.
  • How to integrate Pytest with Scrapli, Nornir, NAPALM, Batfish and Suzieq.

This course, also provides,

  • A hands-on 24x7 multi-vendor lab (members-only).
  • Code repository of course code and scripts.
  • Content in both written (members-only) and video-based formats.

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