I`m pleased to announce the release of our new course - Network Configuration with Scrapli. The course comes with:

  • Over 1000 lines of code examples and scripts.
  • 24x7 multi-vendor labs to hone your Scrapli skills.
  • 16 x Lessons of Scrapli deep-dive training.

What is Scrapli?, and Why Should I Care?

Scrapli is the latest open-source tool to hit the industry, for configuring your network devices. It's fast, lightweight, and extremely flexible! In other words - Netmiko on steroids! Here are some of Scrapli`s key features:

  • Ability to choose your underlying transport.
  • AsyncIO support.
  • Telnet, SSH and NETCONF support.
  • Diff, merge and replace device configurations.
  • TTP, Genie, TextFSM parsing support.

Want to learn more? Check out the link below:

Network Configuration with Scrapli
Learn how to configure, parse, and automate your network with the latest open-source tool - Scrapli.
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Our membership provides:
  • Full deep-dive course library (inc. Batfish, pyATS, Netmiko)
  • Code repositories inc. full course code, scripts and examples
  • 24x7 multi-vendor labs (Arista, Cisco, Juniper)
  • Private online community
  • Live monthly tech sessions
  • Access to tech session library

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