Network Configuration with Scrapli

About This Course

Learn how to configure your network with Scrapli.

Scrapli is the latest open-source tool to hit the industry. Its fast, lightweight, and extremely flexible!

In this course, you will learn,

  • What is Scrapli? Its common-uses and features.
  • The main differences between Netmiko and Scrapli.
  • How to install Scrapli.
  • Scrapli's supported transports, the pros and cons to each, and how to configure Scrapli to use different transport types.
  • Scrapli AsyncIO. What is AsyncIO? and how to build a Scrapli AsyncIO script.
  • How to configure a device using Scrapli.
  • Response objects and how to perform error handling.
  • How to perform parsing using TTP, Genie and TextFSM.
  • Scrapli extensions, such as Nornir Scrapli, Scrapli Cfg and Scrapli Netconf.

This course, also provides,

  • A hands-on 24x7 multi-vendor lab.
  • Code repository of course code and scripts.

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