Fancy advancing your knowledge and skills within the world of opensource networking and SDN/NFV?
Then you are in luck. The great guys at the Linux Foundation have released these FREE training courses to suit your needs, with the courses covering topics such as:

  • Open Compute Project, ONIE, Akraino
  •, OVS, IO Visor, DPDK, Open Dataplane, P4
  • OpenSwitch , Open Network Linux , FRR, DANOS, SONIC, FBOSS
  • OpenDayLight, Tungsten Fabric (OpenContrail) , ONOS, CORD, Open Security Controller

The course links can be found below:

Intro to ONAP: Complete Network Automation (LFS163)
Intro to OPNFV: NFV Acceleration (LFS164)
Intro to Open Source Networking Technologies (LFS165)

Want to Learn Network Automation?
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  • Full deep-dive course library (inc. Batfish, pyATS, Netmiko)
  • Code repositories inc. full course code, scripts and examples
  • 24x7 multi-vendor labs (Arista, Cisco, Juniper)
  • Private online community
  • Tech demos and sessions

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