Network Automation with Nornir

About This Course

Nornir is an open-source framework with inventory management for operating groups of network devices. It is 100% Python, therefore it's fast and easy to customize. Nornir is great for tasks such as:

  • Backing up your network devices
  • Rendering configuration from your Jinja2 templates
  • Collecting information from your devices using Netmiko, Scrapli or NAPALM

In this course, you will learn,

  • The fundamentals of Nornir and how it compares to other tools such as Ansible
  • How to install and configure Nornir
  • How to create a static-based inventory
  • How to connect and pull inventory data from NetBox
  • How to use basic and advanced (F object) inventory filtering
  • What are Nornir tasks and subtasks?
  • How to create and run tasks and subtasks
  • How to inject credentials into your inventory
  • What the Nornir result tree is and the various objects that are built around it
  • About Nornir functions
  • About Nornir plugins and the main plugins available
  • How to read YAML and JSON files using Nornir plugins
  • How to write to text files using Nornir plugins
  • How to render Jinja2 templates using Nornir plugins
  • How to use Netmiko, NAPALM and Scrapli using Nornir plugins
  • About Nornir processors
  • How to use Nornir processors to integrate Nornir with Python Rich progress bars

This course also provides:

  • A hands-on 24x7 multi-vendor lab
  • Code repository of course code and scripts
  • Content in a video-based format
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