Network Observability with Suzieq

About This Course

Learn how to enhance your visibility into your network with Suzieq.

Suzieq is an open-source network observability tool that allows you to query and analyse your multi-vendor networks.

In this course, you will learn,

  • What is Suzieq?
  • Suzieq's architecture and components.
  • Suzieq namespaces, services and tables.
  • How to install and build a Suzieq platform.
  • How to use Suzieq assertions to easily validate network services are operating correctly.
  • How to perform time-based analysis.
  • How to compare your network at different points in time.
  • How to use Suzieq summarizations to view network statistics and totals.
  • The fundamentals of Panda DataFrames.
  • How to automate Suzieq using Python.
  • How to automate Suzieq using its REST API.
  • How to trace the flows through the network using the Suzieq GUI.

This course, also provides,

  • A hands-on 24x7 multi-vendor lab (members-only).
  • Code repository of course code and scripts.
  • Content in both written (members-only) and video-based formats.

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