More than likely you have heard of the observability tool - Suzieq.
Well, I'm pleased to announce our new course - Network Observability with Suzieq.

So what's all the fuss about? In a nutshell, Suzieq allows you to query and analyse your multi-vendor network, and do things such as perform:
✔️ time-based analysis to see the previous state of the network.
✔️ validate complete service operation via Suzieq assertions (ospf assert to validate OSPF across your whole network!).
✔️ quickly troubleshoot issues using the Suzieq CLI.
✔️ queries against its REST API using a common data structure regardless of vendor.
... etc etc.

Want to learn more? If so check out the links below...

Network Observability with Suzieq
Learn how to explore, analyse and validate your network like never before with the latest open-source tool - Suzieq.
Suzieq Course
Introduction to Suzieq
This lesson is part of the Network Observability with Suzieq course. In this lesson, you will learn: What is Suzieq? Some of the key use cases that Suzieq can be used for. About the terms monitoring, telemetry and observability. Suzieq’s main features. What is Suzieq? Suzieq is an open-source
Introduction to Suzieq
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