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Automating Firewall ACL’s with Aerleon
Introduction If you’ve ever had to deal with firewalls and complex ACLs, you’ll know that they can be tricky beasts from time to time! Whether it’s having to generate your firewall configuration for different vendors or wading through the jungle of nested object groups to add a new host. Whatever
Steps and code repo for generating ACL's with Aerleon.
An Intro to Python Poetry
In this post, I’m going to provide a TL;DR to Poetry for Python package and virtual environment management. Pip and Virtual Environments If you’ve worked with Python for network automation, chances are that you’ve used Pip and virtual environments. If not, and you are new to Python: Pip is
Intro to a modern way of working with dependencies and virtual environments in Python.

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Opensource Projects & Releases

GitHub - aerleon/aerleon: Multi-platform ACL generation system
Multi-platform ACL generation system. Contribute to aerleon/aerleon development by creating an account on GitHub.
New project for generating firewall ACLs. 
GitHub - samuelcolvin/pytest-pretty: pytest plugin for pretty printing the test summary.
pytest plugin for pretty printing the test summary. - GitHub - samuelcolvin/pytest-pretty: pytest plugin for pretty printing the test summary.
New Pytest plugin for pretty printing the result output.

Community Posts

Ansible and ChatGPT: Putting it to the test
In this blog, we wanted to put ChatGPT to the test and see how it fares with developing Ansible Playbooks and share our results.
Nice post on how ChatGPT fares when creating Ansible playbooks. Note: I also recommend checking out 
Great short video around what Git Bisect is.
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