Here are some of the latest updates within the Packet Coders membership.

Tech Sessions

πŸ”₯ [RECORDING AVAIL] Design Points for succesful network automation (Part I)
πŸ”₯ [PLANNED] Novemeber - Applying SOLID Principles to Network Automation /w Gary Woodward
πŸ”₯ [PLANNED] December - Design Points for succesful network automation (Part II)
πŸ”₯ [PLANNED] Jan - Data validation with Pydantic

Batfish Course (2.0)

The Batfish course updates are still in progress. This along with the GNMI course are scheduled for a December release. The outline for the new Batfish course will be:

Section Title
Fundamentals Installing Batfish
Batfish Sessions
Snapshots Snapshot Import
Snapshot Validation
Questions Question Format
Question Inputs Filters
Filtering with Pandas
Config Analysis Interface Config
Node Config
Duplicate IPs
Unused Configuration
CP Analysis OSPF Analysis
BGP Analysis
Route Analysis Routes
L3 Forwarding Analysis L3 Edges
L2 Forwarding Analysis L1 Edges
ACL Analysis ACL Shadowing
Test Filters
Search Filters
Find Matching Lines
Advanced Diff Compare
Compare Filters
Diff Reachability
Snapshot Forking
Integrations Assertions


A new tech show case around AVD, as requested by one of opur members, was recorded last week with the good folks from Arista. This recording will be available next week upon our YouTube channel.

Thats all from us. Happy coding!

The Packet Coders Team

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