Just a couple of updates from the membership...

Network Automation with Go (Tonight!)

The tech session will be landing tonight. Invites have been sent out, and joining details can be found in the member's area. The agenda will include:

Why Go?
✅ Reasons why people choose Go
✅ Go for network engineers
✅ Go vs (Python | Ruby | C | Rust)
Intro to Go
✅ Go proverbs
✅ Go tool
✅ Types system
✅ Interfaces
✅ Concurrency
Network automation overview
✅ Terraform
✅ gNMI

Upcoming Tech Sessions

  • 22nd June - PyScript with Gary Woodward.

net-test (Members Project #1)

The member's project net-test has kicked off, which is based on us building out a testing suite using open-source tooling against the test lab. Below is the repo and the kick-off video.

If you fancy learning via a real-world project, come on in. Just grab an issue (here) and get stuck in. All the details on how to use Git, set up the environment etc., are all in the repo.

UI Enhancements

After some feedback from some users, some new video player features have been added:

Thats all from me. Have a great week!


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