It is with great pleasure that today I can announce the release of Packet Coders (previously PacketFlow).

What is Packet Coders?

Packet Coders is a Network Automation Learning Platform providing network automation courses through code, labs and community.
Our courses are built by engineers, for engineers—no fluff or sales, just hands-on, quality deep-dive learning. Latest course shown below.

Network Testing with Cisco pyATS
About This CourseLearn how to automate the testing of your network infrastructure with Cisco’sopen-source tool - Cisco pyATS. In this course, you will learn, * The key components of pyATS. * How to parse your network state into structured data using Genie. * Take snapshots of your netwo…

But I liked PacketFlow!

The FREE blogs, guides, newsletters etc., are still in place with Packet Coders. In fact, nothing you previously had access to will change, other than more courses, content and Network Automation goodness.

Sounds Good - Tell me more!

By joining Packet Coders you will get access to:

  • Our FULL course library (Batfish, pyATS and Netmiko).
  • Coming Soon! SuzieQ, NetDevOps and NAPALM.
  • Our 24x7 multi-vendor labs.
  • Our private code repositories containing all the code and examples from the courses.
  • Our private Slack community so you can get the support you need through your Network Automation Learning Journey.

Ready to Master Network Automation? Start Your Journey Today!
Our membership provides:
  • Full deep-dive course library (inc. Batfish, pyATS, Netmiko)
  • Code repositories inc. full course code, scripts and examples
  • 24x7 multi-vendor labs (Arista, Cisco, Juniper)
  • Private online community
  • Live monthly tech sessions
  • Access to tech session library

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