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Training Course - Network Analysis with Batfish
Deep-dive training on how to analyse your network with Batfish.
Heard of Batfish? Looking for a way to easily perform network verification on a multi-vendor network? If so, check out this new Batfish course.

Network Automation

A utility library for comparing and synchronizing different datasets. - networktocode/diffsync
Python Module - Release of a diff tool for datasets by NTC.
A framework and application for network observability - netenglabs/suzieq
Framework - New release of the observability tool - SuzieQ.
Black Playground
Playground for Black, the uncompromising Python code formatter.
Python - Online formatter based on Black.
My current toolkit - Automate Your Network
The best way to be successful with network automation and infrastructure as code is to use the right tools! This post explores John Capobianco’s modern toolkit.
Tools - Blog post around recommended automation tools.
Can we make Ansible go faster? - Automate Your Network
Ansible is not known for it’s performance - is there anway to make it run faster? Let’s explore three different recommended performance enhancements and see if they hold water.
Ansible - Can you make it go faster?
Ansible + NetBox: Getting Next Prefix / IP
This originates from a conversation had on Twitter about how to get the IP Prefix information from an IPAM tool, specifically NetBox using Ansible. There are a couple of methodologies to go through, and I had originally started down the path of using the URI module. Which could be done. The more ele…
Ansible - IP allocation via Netbox.
Blog - Metric Types in Prometheus and PromQL
PromLabs - Products and services around the Prometheus monitoring system to make Prometheus work for you
Telemetry - Prometheus core concepts. 
Blog - The Anatomy of a PromQL Query
PromLabs - Products and services around the Prometheus monitoring system to make Prometheus work for you
Telemetry - Prometheus PromQL (query language) overview.
Oh Shit, Git!?!
Ways to get yourself out of trouble in Git.


ONAP Certification Launches to Help Close Talent Gap with Growth of Network Automation, 5G and Edge Computing - Linux Foundation - Training
Advanced certification from The Linux Foundation and LF Networking demonstrates expertise with Virtual Network Functions SAN FRANCISCO, November 24, 2020 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation...
New ONAP certification released.


AWS Network Firewall – New Managed Firewall Service in VPC | Amazon Web Services
Our customers want to have a high availability, scalable firewall service to protect their virtual networks in the cloud. Security is the number one priority of AWS, which has provided various firewall capabilities on AWS that address specific security needs, like Security Groups to protect Amazon E…
AWS releases its new Network Firewall.
Introducing AWS Gateway Load Balancer – Easy Deployment, Scalability, and High Availability for Partner Appliances | Amazon Web Services
Last year, we launched Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Ingress Routing to allow routing of all incoming and outgoing traffic to/from an Internet Gateway (IGW) or Virtual Private Gateway (VGW) to the Elastic Network Interface of a specific Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance. With VPC Ingress Rou…
AWS releases its new Gateway Load balancer.
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