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London IaC presentation on - Parsing with Genie Dq.
How to Build a Custom Parser
A guide into the world of parsing. Learn how to build your own custom parser from scratch.
Amazing guest post from Gary Woodward. Well worth a read!
The Key to Automation Success
When I first started in network automation, I took to Vim, vigorously writingout code. Was it clean code, easy to support and extend? Hell no! I have toadmit it was damn ugly code. At the end of the day, I had just started out andwas enjoying my newfound love for network automation. After a shor…
Quickly Spot Container Vulnerabilities with Docker Scan
Previously [] I shared how you canscan your Python code for security issues. However, with the increased use ofcontainers in network automation, I wanted to also share with you a way tolocally scan your Docker images for security issues/…

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Open-source Releases

Two open-source projects saw recent releases worthy of a mention - Batfish and Network Importer.

Release Batfish 2021-04-12 · batfish/batfish
Release notesThis release brings a huge number of new features including support for Fortigate devices and IOS cross-VRF leaking, major performance improvements to parsers, and hundreds more chang...
As always the latest release includes a ton of updates. But the key to this release is that this release now supports Fortinet FWs. 
Release v2.0.0 · networktocode/network-importer
Enhancements Major Refactoring to leverage diffsync as the main engine to compare the state of the network with the state of the SOT.The new architecture supports third party extensions natively,...
NTC's Network Importer is now out of beta. If you are looking to sync your network to your SoT this is a go to tool. 

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