Updates from Packet Coders

Before we dive in just a few updates on what's happening in the Packet Coders membership ...
🔥 Intro to APIs tech session scheduled for July 5th.
🔥 Automating ACLs with Caprica tech session scheduled for July 20th.

In Case You Missed it

A Quick Way to Add Username and Passwords to Your Python Scripts
The other day I was asked: How do I get usernames and passwords into my Python scripts? For example to use with Netmiko, Scrapli or Nornir. The simple answer to this is the library python-dotenv. Whats python-dotenv? python-dotenv is a library that loads your environment variables from a .env fil…

Shameless Plug

From one of our previous students ...

Extensive bootcamp, worth every penny!

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Community Posts

The community posts this month center around Panda's. For those of you new to Panda's DataFrame's, they are:

a 2D data structure in Python. They consist of columns and rows, and provide a ton of methods/features for parsing and working with your data. Think, Excel spreadsheets in Python on steriods!

How to Master Pandas for Data Science
Here’s the Essential Pandas you Need for Data Science
A simple way to finding the difference between two dates in Pandas
I recently completed a data science bootcamp. I can manipulate columns, rows, create machine learning models, and and explain to you what…

Opensource Projects & Releases

Make a cascading timeline from markdown-like text.
wily/README.md at master · tonybaloney/wily
A Python application for tracking, reporting on timing and complexity in Python code - wily/README.md at master · tonybaloney/wily
Tool to report Python code complexity.
Ansible - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio Code - Ansible language support
Great extension for VSCode if you are working with Ansible. 
Multi-vendor library to simplify legacy CLI connections to network devices
New release, includes Nokia SRLinux support and a bunch of performance and bug fixes.
Release Notes - SuzieQ
New SuzieQ release - 0.18.0. Includes additional features for tuning polling parameters. 
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