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Network Configuration with Netmiko - Deep Dive
Learn about Network Automation with Netmiko. Includes complete examples, code and hands on labs.
Members content now includes a Netmiko deep dive. Includes 20 node multi-vendor lab!

Open Source Projects

A network tool to accelerate the adoption of network automation - writememe/motherstarter
Create input (static inventory) files for Ansible, Nornir, PyATS from csv, JSON, or YAML.
Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal. - willmcgugan/rich
Couple of new releases pushed. Mainly - new Layout system which can be used to produce htop like terminal dashboards. 
Network Source of Truth & Network Automation Platform - nautobot/nautobot
Schema Enforcer provides a framework for testing structured data against schema definitions. - networktocode/schema-enforcer
Validate your data (YAML, JSON) using structured definitions. Great for Ansible host/groupvars.
Untangle your GitHub Notifications
Great tool for managing your Git notifications.


Introduction to PromQL - Network to Code
Post around PromQL. Great if you are starting your Telemetry/network automation journey.
Introduction to Jenkins (LFS167x) - Linux Foundation - Training
Get the skills you need to get certified and work as a Linux systems engineer.
FREE Training for Jenkins!

Everything Else

🎵 The PEP 8 Song 🎵
A songification of that most holiest of Python Enhancement Proposals, the PEP 8.Based on an idea by Daniel “Mr. Hemlock” Brown.Written and performed by Leon ...
Funny song around the PEP8 (Python formatting) standards.
Braintoss - GTD Capture tool - store your thoughts in one click
Don’t forget a thing with Braintoss! Send a note, image or voice reminder to your inbox with one click. Capture your To-do’s in and empty your brain.
Great little app for collecting and storing thoughts.
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