In this lesson, you will learn:

  • what yamllint is
  • how to check your YAML files for issues using yamllint
  • how to install yamllint
  • yamllint's main configuration options.
You can find the scripts and code for this course within the Automating Python Code Quality repo.

What is YAML Lint?

As the name suggests, YAML lint allows us to check and validate our YAML files for issues, for example indentation issues.

Installing YAML Lint

To install YAML lint, simply perform a:

$ poetry add -D yamllint


yamllint can be run against a file or directory. If a directory is specified, yamllint will recursively check all of the files. Examples of each are shown below:

$ yamllint .
$ yamllint dir
$ yamllint myfile.yml

Therefore, let’s say we have the following file:

❯ cat 002_linting/004_yamllint_issues.yaml
  - vlan_id: 100
    vlan_name: SALES
    vlan_id: 200
    vlan_name: HR
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