Network Testing with Cisco pyATS

About This Course

Learn how to automate the testing of your network infrastructure with Cisco's open-source tool - Cisco pyATS.

In this course, you will learn,

  • The key components of pyATS.
  • How to parse your network state into structured data using Genie.
  • Take snapshots of your network, and perform comparisons to quickly find issues using Genie.
  • How to simplify the configuration of devices in Python using Genie.
  • How to simplify parsing of complex structured data using Dq.
  • How to perform parallel execution of tasks with Pcall.
  • How to build test cases and test jobs in Python.

This course, also provides,

  • A hands-on 24x7 multi-vendor lab.
  • Code repository of course code and scripts.

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