In this lesson, we will cover:

  • What is Genie Conf?
  • Using Genie Conf to configure an interface.
  • Validating the generated Genie Conf configuration commands.
  • Pushing configuration from Genie Conf.
  • Rolling back configuration via Genie Conf.

The scripts and code for this lesson can be found within the pyATS repo under the directory: 003_genie/conf/.

What is Genie Conf?

In addition to using Genie to Parse, Learn and Diff our network, we can also use Genie to configure our network devices in a vendor-agnostic manner. This is done directly with Python using a set of common methods. The available conf methods and the conf structure are all located within the Genie models; these are the models we previously discussed that also contain the structures used by Ops aka Genie Learn.

Note: The Op/Conf models support the IOS-XR, IOS-XE and NX-OS device types only.

Genie Conf Examples

Let's look at an example, in which we will configure an interface on `leaf1-ios`.

The documentation for this model can be located here:

First, let's jump into our Genie shell like so and connect to our device.

$ export $(cat .env) 
$ pyats shell --testbed-file testbeds/testbed.yml
device_leaf1 = testbed.devices["leaf1-ios"]
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