Below is a collection of commands, useful in the administration and troubleshooting of the Nuage Networks platform.

Further information on the various Nuage components can be found at:

Note: The following commands are based upon 5.0.2R2.

VSC Commands

Command Description
show router route-table Disaply base routing instance route table
show router ospf neighbor [detail] Display OSPF adjacencies
show router isis neighbor [detail] Display ISIS adjacencies
show router bgp summary Display BGP status and neighbors
show router bgp neighbor Display BGP neighbor detail
show vswitch-controller vswitches Display VRS instances connected to controller
show vswitch-controller vswitches detail Display VRS instances connected to controller and if VSC is master/slacve for each
show vswitch-controller virtual-machines [detail] Display VMs learnt by Controller
show vswitch-controller vports type <vm|bridge|host> [detail] Display vNICs known by this controller (inc. VPRN and EVPN IDs)
show router route-table Display route table for routing instance
show service id <VPRN|EVPN> (base|all) Display service details for VPRN or EVPN.
show system connections detail port 6633 Display OpenFlow connections from VSC to all connected OVS's (VRS's)
show vswitch-controller xmpp-server [detail] Display connection status between the VSC and the XMPP server)
show vswitch-controller vsd [detail] Display connection status between VSC and the VSD
show bof display OOB management port configuration
ping router "management" [FQDN xmpp|FQDN vsd] Test OOB connectivity to XMPP and VSD
show system ntp [all|detail] Display NTP configuration and status
show system info Display VSC SW version, uptime etc
tools vswitch <HYP_IP> command "<COMMAND>" Execute remote command on VRS

VRS (Open vSwitch) Commands

Command Description
ovs-appctl version Display Nuage VRS SW release
ovs-appctl ofproto/show alubr0 Display TCP connections to controllers
ovs-appctl vm/show Display VMs known by the VRS
ovs-appctl vm/port-show Display vNICs known by the VRS
ovs-appctl vm/dump-flows Display all traffic known by the VRS for all VMs
ovs-appctl bridge/dump-flows alubr0 Display all flows for the Nuage OVS bridge
ovs-ofctl dump-flows alubr0 Display all flows for the Nuage OVS bridge excluding hidden flows
ovs-vsctl show Display bridge information ; active/primary connections to VSC
ovs-dpctl show Display VRS ports (VXLAN and GRE tunnels
ovs-dpctl dump-flows Display (real-time) traffic flows
ovs-appctl bridge/acl-table ingress/egress alubr0 Display ACLs
ovs-appctl evpn/show alubr0 Display EVPN details
ovs-appctl evpn/mac-table 20002 Display EVPN mac table
tail -f /var/log/openvswitch/*.log Tail the main VRS applicatoin log file
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