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Sneak Peek

There's a ton going on within the membership... here's a sneak peek:

August sessions (recordings available in the member's area):
✔️ Guest speaker session with John Capobianco around blender and his project Merlin.
✔️ Meetup sessions, with demos around Clean Code via formatting, linting, and how to run these via makefiles, VSCode integration, and also using the pre-commit tool.

September lineup will be:
✔️ 8th Sept - Batfish + FastAPI demo with Daniel Teycheney.
✔️ 22nd Sept - Guest Speaker session with observability rockstar and Suzieq founder, Dinesh Dutt.

New Content/Courses:
✔️ New Python template for new projects (contains linting, formatting, pre-commit config etc)
✔️ New Suzieq course released (link below) ...

Network Observability with Suzieq
Learn how to explore, analyse and validate your network like never before with the latest open-source tool - Suzieq.

Latest Packet Coders Posts/Videos

Just in case you`ve missed them, here are the latest posts and videos from the Packet Coders site and YouTube channel.

Trick! How to Split Pip Requirements
Don’t get me wrong Pip is a great package manager but there is one thing that had always bugged me, that was having all the dependencies within a single file. For example having all of your development dependencies (linters, formators etc) and your application dependencies (Scrapli, Nornir etc) all …
Introduction to Suzieq
This lesson is part of the Network Observability with Suzieq course. In this lesson, you will learn: The basics of Suzieq? Some of the key use cases that Suzieq can be used for. About the terms monitoring, telemetry and observability. Suzieq’s main features. What is Suzieq? Suzieq is an

Worth Checking Out

Introducing NetBox Cloud by NS1
Learn more about the cloud-delivered, SaaS-based version of NetBox, the popular open-open source tool for modeling network infrastructure
Netbox is now available in the cloud as a SaaS offering. Niiice!
Simplified Prometheus monitoring for your entire organization with Promscale
We’re excited to announce multi-tenancy support in Promscale. We’ve built Promscale as a centralized store for metrics, and now developers can enjoy the same operational maturity and query flexibility when storing metrics across their entire organization.
A project that is well worth keeping an eye on. Provides HA and long term storage features for Prometheus.
Network-as-Code Approach for Network and Firewall Ops - InsideIT
At Palo Alto Networks, IT adopted a DevOps-based methodology for network configuration management that provides various advantages.
Great walk through in terms of CI and Firewall Ops. Great to see some more content out there around network automation outside of the route and switching space. 
Awesome Python Weekly | LibHunt
Great Python newsletter, well recommended.

Opensource Releases

Release v3.0.1 - 2021-09-01 · netbox-community/netbox
Bug Fixes #7041 - Properly format JSON config object returned from a NAPALM device#7070 - Fix exception when filtering by prefix max length in UI#7071 - Fix exception when removing a primary IP ...
Big release for Netbox, as it sees the release of 3.0. Full feature updates here:
containerlab - 0.17
Containerlab deploys docker based meshed lab topologies

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