This month marks a big milestone for Packet Coders. Why is that? Well, this month marks our first birthday! So to celebrate and also say THANK YOU for all the support we have received, we are having a month of FREE giveaways, starting today!

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🔥 Tech Session - Schema validation with Cerberus scheduled for April 20th

In Case You Missed it

Top 3 Features in SuzieQ 0.16.0
For those of you who are new to SuzieQ, its an: open-source platform that polls your network stores the data in a DB, allowing you to query and analyse your data in lots of cool ways. Think troubleshooting and config compliance testing. One of the biggest releases to date has

Great stuff! Ok, so what else is going on in the world of network automation this month...

Opensource Releases

Release Release 3.4.0 · napalm-automation/napalm
Junos Junos discard_config on error fix #1448Junos LLDP improvements #1470Junos pass self.ignore_warning to diff call in compare_config() #1480 NX-OS Improve NX-API error messages #1461NX-OS ...
containerlab - 0.25
Containerlab deploys docker based meshed lab topologies
Release Batfish 2022-03-16 · batfish/batfish
Release notes 🍀This release brings major new features including initial support for: two new platforms: A10 Load Balancers and for SONiC software routerstransitive routing over EVPN (Type 5 rout...
GitHub - CiscoDevNet/virl2-client: Client library for the Cisco VIRL 2 Network Simulation Platform
Client library for the Cisco VIRL 2 Network Simulation Platform - GitHub - CiscoDevNet/virl2-client: Client library for the Cisco VIRL 2 Network Simulation Platform

New Opensource Projects

Grafana Mimir
Grafana Mimir is an open source, horizontally scalable, highly available multi-tenant, long-term storage for Prometheus metrics.
Provides scaling, HA, and long term storage for Prometheus. You can think of this as an alternative to Thanos or Cortex.

New Blogs

The changing world of the network engineer....
There’s no getting away from it, the role of the modern network engineer is changing.If you’ve been keeping even a cursory eye on recent developments within the networking community, you’ll have done well to avoid terms like NetDevOPs, Infrastructure as code, Network programability and Software Def…
SQLModel For Network Engineers - Packet Pushers
Introduction I published a blog introducing relational databases for network engineers (linked below and here) on Packet Pushers. I would highly encourage readers unfamiliar with SQL and databases in general to take a look at that post before moving on. In this post we will focus on SQLModel and int…
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