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Batfish - ACL Analysis
This post is part of the Batfish Guide [].Within this section we will look at the various questions and options availablefor performing ACL analysis. Example TopologyFor this section, the snapshot we will be using is based on a topology in whichACLs are app…
New members post on ACL Analysis with Batfish. Covers 4 use-cases, includes hands-on examples.

Network Automation

Release 2.24.0 / 2021-01-06 · prometheus/prometheus
[FEATURE] Add TLS and basic authentication to HTTP endpoints. #8316[FEATURE] promtool: Add check web-config subcommand to check web config files. #8319[FEATURE] promtool: Add tsdb create-blocks-f...
Additional security added to the latest Prometheus release.
Release v1.17.0 · influxdata/telegraf
v1.17.0 [2020-12-18]Release Notes Starlark plugins can now store state between runs using a global state variable. This lets you make custom aggregators as well as custom processors that are stat...
New Telegraf release. Now provides output of metrics in Prometheus format.
Validating Network High Availability With Batfish, Interop 2020
Rick Donato, Network to CodeHigh Availability (HA) compliance is vital to any network to ensure that network service can continue at the point of failure wit...
Session on Batfish HA validation includes code walkthrough.
Release Batfish 2020-12-23 · batfish/batfish
Release notesThis release brings new features, improved performance and lower resource consumption across the board, and as always a variety of miscellaneous vendor-specific improvements.New feat...
New Batfish release. Includes additional support for EIGRP and a ton of performance improvements.
December 2020 — Genie Documentation
New pyATS/Genie release. Includes a ton of new parsers.
Rich is a Python library for rich text and beautiful formatting in the terminal. - willmcgugan/rich
Multiple Rich releases. Check out the new inspect feature!
Release v0.8 · netenglabs/suzieq
Now with a GUI!
New SuzieQ release, now includes a UI.
Code. Simply. Clearly. Calmly.
Short and simple video lessons that start from scratch. Tools and thoughts that might make your professional life more enjoyable.
A treasure chest of videos around automation.
Free Introduction to Bash Scripting eBook. Contribute to bobbyiliev/introduction-to-bash-scripting development by creating an account on GitHub.
Free eBook on bash scripting.
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