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The Linux Return Code
Today we are going to quickly cover the Linux return code and its use in the world of network automation. What is a Return Code? A return code (also known as an exit code) is: a numeric value that is returned by a process (to its parent process) when terminating
New post around the Linux return code and how/when we need to use it with network automation.
Network Testing 101 /w Cisco pyATS (Recording + Code)
Thanks to everyone who attended the -- Network Testing 101 /w Cisco pyATS -- this week. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you can check out the recording below. You can also find all of the code from the session within the following GitHub repo: GitHub - packetcoders/
Cisco pyATS 101 webinar recording and code repo.
Setup and Cache Python Poetry - GitHub Marketplace
Python Poetry setup, including the caching of dependencies and Poetry installation
GitHub Action that simplifies Poetry and caching, useful helper for CI/CD.

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Opensource Projects & Releases

Open-source data multitool | VisiData
Command-line interactive multitool for tabular data.
Cool tool for data exploration via the CLI. Stay tuned for the upcoming member tech session.

Community Posts

Learn Git Cheat Sheet | Free Download
Get your Git basics cheat sheet complete with the foundational concepts you need to get started with Git, like branching, making changes, and common Git commands.
Cool Git cheat sheet.


Python 3.11: Cool New Features for You to Try – Real Python
In this tutorial, you’ll explore what Python 3.11 brings to the table. You’ll learn how Python 3.11 is the fastest and most user-friendly version of CPython yet, and learn about improvements to the typing system and to the asynchronous features of Python.
Python 3.11 was recently released. TL;DR faster with improved error messages + more.
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