Go Fundamentals for Network Automation
Get access to this course by joining our membership Join Membership ➜ Unlock the potential of GoLang for your network automation tasks. This course zeroes in on the critical aspects of Go tailored for network configurations and operations, ensuring you harness its full power. In this course, you…
Network Analysis with Pandas
Learn how to analyse your network using the Python library - Pandas.
Network Automation with Nornir
Learn how to render configuration, pull network state and much more with the open-source tool - Nornir.
Automating Python Code Quality
Learn how to Automate Python Code Quality through open-source tooling, to save you and your team time.
Network Testing with Pytest
Learn how to structure and build tests to validate your network using Pytest along with Scrapli, Nornir, NAPALM, Batfish, and Suzieq.
Network Observability with Suzieq
Learn how to explore, analyse and validate your network like never before with the latest open-source tool - Suzieq.

Network Configuration with Scrapli
Learn how to configure, parse, and automate your network with the latest open-source tool - Scrapli.
Network Analysis with Batfish
About This CourseLearn how to perform network analysis with Batfish.Batfish is an open-source network analysis tool taking the network automationworld by storm! With Batfish, not only can you perform configuration analysisacross multi-vendor environments, but you can also perform analysis that …
Network Testing with Cisco pyATS
About This CourseLearn how to automate the testing of your network infrastructure with Cisco’sopen-source tool - Cisco pyATS. In this course, you will learn, * The key components of pyATS. * How to parse your network state into structured data using Genie. * Take snapshots of your netwo…
Network Configuration with Netmiko
About This CourseLearn how to configure your network using Netmiko.Netmiko is an open-source multi-vendor Python SSH library that simplifies theprocess of configuring and obtaining data from your network devices. In this course, you will learn, * How to send device commands and retrieve the…