Network Analysis with Batfish

About This Course

Learn how to perform network analysis with Batfish.
Batfish is an open-source network analysis tool taking the network automation world by storm! With Batfish, not only can you perform configuration analysis across multi-vendor environments, but you can also perform analysis that has never been possible before, such as performing impact analysis by virtually disabling links and nodes to analyze the effect on traffic.

In this course, you will learn,

  • The key components of Batfish, such as questions, sessions and snapshots.
  • How to validate your snapshots for parsing issues.
  • How to perform configuration analysis, including validating IP owners, interface properties and BGP configuration.
  • How to perform control-plane analysis, including validating BGP and OSPF control planes.
  • How to perform routing analysis, including how to validate loopback advertisements.
  • About Batfish topologies and layer 1 and layer 3 edges.
  • How Batfish handles layer 2 forwarding analysis.
  • How to perform forwarding analysis to confirm reachability across the network.
  • How to perform ACL analysis and how to ensure an ACL is only permitting the necessary traffic.

This course, also provides,

  • Multi-vendor snapshots to get 100% hands-on.
  • A code repo containing code and Batfish helper scripts.

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