About This Course

Learn network analysis with the open-source tool Batfish. Batfish models your network, enabling you to validate configurations and analyze impacts offline with minimal resources.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The key components of Batfish, such as questions, sessions, and snapshots.
  • How to validate your snapshots for parsing issues.
  • How to perform configuration analysis, including validating IP owners, interface properties, and BGP configuration.
  • How to perform control-plane analysis, including validating BGP and OSPF control planes.
  • How to perform routing analysis, including how to validate loopback advertisements.
  • About Batfish topologies and layer 1 and layer 3 edges.
  • How Batfish handles layer 2 forwarding analysis.
  • How to perform forwarding analysis to confirm reachability across the network.
  • How to perform ACL analysis and how to ensure an ACL is only permitting the necessary traffic.
  • How to perform impact analysis with Batfish.
  • How to integrate Batfish with Pytest.
  • And lots more!


Control Plane Analysis

Route Analysis

Layer 3 Forwarding Analysis

Layer 2 Forwarding Analysis


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