In this lesson, you will learn,

  • what autoflake is
  • how to install autoflake
  • how to use autoflake to remove unused imports
  • how to use autoflake to remove unused variables.
You can find the scripts and code for this course within the Automating Python Code Quality repo.

What is autoflake?

autoflake is a tool that removes unused variables and unused imports from your Python code.

How to Install autoflake

To install autoflake, perform the following:

poetry add -D autoflake


autoflake can be run recursively (via -r), or against a file. Examples of each are shown below:

$ autoflake -r .
$ autoflake -r dir/*
$ autoflake

By default:

  • autoflake only provides a diff of the purposed change (no changes are applied).
  • autoflake only removes unused imports for modules that are part of the standard library: re, os, etc.

For example, let’s say we have the following rouge Python script.

from rich import inspect

import re

# from math import *

def example_function():
    unused_var = "xyz"
    return True

If we were to run autoflake against it, we would get a result showing there was an issue with the file, and what would have been changed:

❯ autoflake 001_formatters/
--- original/001_formatters/
+++ fixed/001_formatters/
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
 from rich import inspect
-import re
 # from math import *
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