Automating Config Management with Nornir, NAPALM & Scrapli

This 1.5-day instructor-led course provides in-depth hands-on training on using Nornir, NAPALM and Jinja, to automate the configuration management of your network devices using Python.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Generate network configuration using Jinja templating.
  • Deploy configuration out to a multi-vendor network using Nornir and NAPALM.
  • Perform config differentials of your current and intended network state with Nornir.
  • Use static and dynamic based inventories for defining devices that are to be automated.

In this course, we will cover:


  • Introduction to config management frameworks
  • Introduction to Nornir, NAPALM and Jinja


  • Introduction to Jinja
  • Jinja delimters
  • Variables
  • Looping
  • White space control
  • Filters
  • Includes


  • Introduction to NAPALM
  • NAPALM vs Netmiko/Scrapli
  • Installing NAPALM
  • NAPALM drivers
  • Using NAPALM Getters
  • Using NAPALM methods
  • Config operations with NAPALM


  • Introduction to Nornir
  • Nornir's components
  • Nornir inventory
  • Filtering (basic, advanced)
  • Nornir tasks
  • Nornir results
  • Nornir plugins

Further details:
  • Prerequisites:
    • Basic networking knowledge
    • Basic Python experience
  • Duration: 1.5 days
  • Price: £791/$1,017
  • Dates/times:
    • Please register interest.
  • Delivery: via remote instructor-led sessions
  • Whats Provided?
    • Repository of code examples and scripts
    • Pre-built multi-vendor lab
    • Hands-on tasks and exercises

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"Packet Coders touched on many tools and provided a solid starting point for delving deeper into the tools addressed, as well as providing a good level of information to help in deciding which tools might be right for our environment."

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