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How to Use Jinja Custom Filters within Nornir
Introduction If you’ve automated the generation of your network configuration, chances are you’ve used Jinja. If not, Jinja is a templating engine used to generate text-based files from data input. Below shows a quick example: One feature that Jinja provides is filters. Filters allow you to modif…

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Opensource Projects & Releases

GitHub - UWNetworksLab/netcov: NetCov: test coverage for network configurations
NetCov: test coverage for network configurations. Contribute to UWNetworksLab/netcov development by creating an account on GitHub.
A great tool that links in with Batfish to provide you with a network config based test coverage report.
Release 1.2.0 · python-poetry/poetry
Note that this release makes the new install format (and thus new installer or an alternative supported install method) a hard requirement.If you are currently installing using the deprecated get-...
New Poetry update, various updates. But the main one is dependency groups. More info on new features here:
Grafana Infinity Datasource
Do infinite things with Grafana. Turn any website into beautiful grafana dashboards. Supports HTML, CSV, JSON, XML & GraphQL documents.
Great tool for using JSON, GraphQL, CSV inputs as a data source within Grafana.

Community Posts

Project template for modern Python packages - Wolt Blog
We open sourced a project template for modern Python packages. In this blog post, we describe what it contains and discuss the choices made while developing it.
Cool post, includes a good list of Flake8 plugins at the end.
Nice video around Git merging vs rebasing.
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