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Panda DataFrames - iterrows vs iteritems
The other day I was made aware (thanks to Dinesh Dutt) of a small tip when working with and iterating over Pandas DataFrames. If you`ve used Python and tools like Batfish (course here) or Suzieq (course here) to automate your network, then you may be familiar with DataFrames. However,


This month I had the pleasure this month to speak with the good folks at Hamilton Barnes and tell them my story of how I started out with automation.

‎The Route to Networking: E9- Rick Donato at Packet Coders on Apple Podcasts
‎Show The Route to Networking, Ep E9- Rick Donato at Packet Coders - Sep 16, 2021

Opensource Releases

Release 0.15.1 · netenglabs/suzieq
Fix the PyPi installation issue reported (#430 )
0.15.x is a big update for Suzieq. Includes various bug fixes. New inventory command, address lookup feature and various other enhancements.
Release 0.8.0 · dmulyalin/ttp
FEATURES Added <extend> tag to support loading template content from files or from TTP_templates repository and use them within other templatesAdded filters to <extend> tag to support groups, inp...
TTP updated. Includes the ability to load templates from files or repo. Plus a ton of other updates.
TTP Templates Collection
TTP, parser, parsing, templates
New TTP library released. 
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