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Last month saw the release of Packet Coders (previously PacketFlow). The TL;DR...

  • Packet Coders is a Network Automation Learning Platform.
  • We provide courses (such as Batfish, pyATS, Netmiko), 24x7 labs, code repositories and a private community to learn network automation through.

Announcing - Packet Coders!
It is with great pleasure that today I can announce the release of Packet Coders (previously PacketFlow). What is Packet Coders?Packet Coders is a Network Automation Learning Platform providing networkautomation courses through code, labs and community.Our courses are built by engineers, for en…

As part of the release of Packet Coders, we released our latest course - Network Testing with Cisco pyATS. Click below to see the full course contents:

Network Testing with Cisco pyATS
About This CourseLearn how to automate the testing of your network infrastructure with Cisco’sopen-source tool - Cisco pyATS. In this course, you will learn, * The key components of pyATS. * How to parse your network state into structured data using Genie. * Take snapshots of your netwo…

As I'm sure you now know, I couldn't have gone the whole month without posting about Batfish. Here is a TL;DR blog post around cleaning up ACLs with Batfish.

Reduce ACL Clutter with Batfish
In my previous life as a firewall admin [], Ifound that there were two key things to maintaining a healthy firewall ACL.First, ensure it passes the necessary traffic! Secondly, ensure that the ACL wascluttered with any unnecessary ACL entries. By making sure our …

Open-source Updates

Introducing Netutils - Network to Code
An absolute banger of a release. A python library containing a bunch of helper Python modules. 
Release 3.3.0 · napalm-automation/napalm
NETCONF driver for IOS-XROver the last 18 months Cisco has been working on implementing a NETCONF-based driver for the IOS-XR platforms. The new driver is now available in the core NAPALM library,...
New Napalm release. Includes support for NETCONF for IOS-XR, and various JUNOS bug fixes.

Network Analysis

Uncovering Configuration and Behavior Drift — pybatfish 0.36.0 documentation
A very very useful addition to the pybatfish docs around comparing snapshots to determine network behaviour.


Promscale 0.4: Drawing inspiration from Cortex to rewrite support for Prometheus high-availability
Introducing Promscale 0.4 with new capabilities including better support for Prometheus high-availability, support for multi-tenancy, improved user permissions (using role-based access control), and more.
A project that I think could do well. A slightly simplified approach to Prometheus HA over Thanos and Cortex. This could do well.


A command-line tool and library for generating regular expressions from user-provided test cases - pemistahl/grex
Generate Regex via CLI. Very useful when building custom parsers.
Diff JSON and JSON-like structures in Python. Contribute to xlwings/jsondiff development by creating an account on GitHub.
Allows you to compare dictionaries and get the result back as a dictionary so you can programmatically action.
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